FDK-N1 Flexo Label Printing Machine

Brief Introduction:cold stamping
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Product Description

Feature of product

This machine adopts large cooling cylinder so that it’s able to print well on most  types of materials.It also integrate cold stamping and can switch quickly between flexo printing and silk screen printing. The printing size of the Cold-stamp could be measured with the number of the teeth. The diameter of every printing plate could be made at will, could also be inserted and removed from the cylinders.

The machine adopts the American PMAC motion control system. It is the most powerful , fastest, most reliable motion control system in the world, each unit is driven by an independent motor.

Plate cylinder adopts sleeve type, lightweight and without gear. Very easy and fast to change plate cylinder. And printing quality is better, maintenance is easier because of no gear.

Tension adjustment of printing and ink transfer: plate cylinder change need only slight adjustment of tension, special printing requirement also need only a little tension adjustment, which highly boost printing efficiency.

Bearing roller has water cooling device, so the printing will not be affected by high temperature of UV drying.

Technical Parameters

MAX printing speed

180 m/min

Printing Colors


MAX printing width

360 mm

MAX web width

370 mm

Printing perimeter


MAX unwind diameter

900 mm

MAX rewind diameter

900 mm

Machine size: (L*W*H)

1083mm x 156mm x 152mm

Equipment details


Applicable to daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, toys, gifts, automotive, adhesive, cloth standard, tag, supermarket bar code and other fields.